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Bosch in Africa

US Gallery | Stellenbosch | 2017

This series of seven paintings is inspired by Bosch's Seven Deadly Sins.


Although my interpretation of The Seven Deadly Sins differs somewhat from Bosch's, I did rely on many of his imagery and symbolism, such as the glass globe, which features in each work. Some of the figures are also replicas from Bosch's work, though not specifically from The Seven Deadly Sins and placed within different contexts.   


Much of the work is driven by religious and folkloric references, and in some cases more personal. Fruit, or the use of red bead-like berries occur throughout the works and convey multiple meanings relating to the specific sin, such as Lust (used as forbidden fruit) and Greed (fruit as symbol of wealth and self-obsessiveness). The use of symbolism allow for a very surreal quality within the work, which echoes many of Bosch's paintings.


Placing each scene within its own glass sphere further emphasizes the fantasy aspect, some completely contained, others revealing cracks or holes, referring to the decay of a once perfect or seamless universe.         

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