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Plant 2023

Kirstenbosch | Cape Town | 2023 

The Protea mundii is a common occurrence along the roads of the Tsitsikamma, where I painted this pair whilst in Covid lockdown with my father. Even though the plant is beautiful when in bloom, I find the curves and hints of bronzes in the dried flower cones particularly appealing. 

In contrast to the boldness of Protea mundii, the delicate nature of the Protea nana evokes a romantic melancholy with its arching branches and downward-facing flower heads. The bright wine red colour of the flowers makes up for its shy demeanor.

I found the beautiful (dead) cream-striped owl moth on the floor of my hostess’ home while doing a workshop in Johannesburg. My challenge was to recreate the velvety texture of the wings, which I tackled with fine strokes of dry paint and occasional washes. 

love to find the beauty in things that are often overlooked. If one takes the time to look at the world with kinder hearts and more observing eyes, even the unassuming leaf of the Syzygium cordatum tree becomes a thing of splendour.  

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