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Willie Schlechter is a Cape Town-based artist, specialising in watercolour botanical painting. He is a board member of BAASA (Botanical Artists Association of South Africa) and his botanical works have received silver and bronze medals locally and internationally.

His paintings reflect his love for depicting plants as "portraits". He approaches this subject matter as he does the human figure, with a definite, yet delicate analytical investigation, while at the same time aiming to capture the personality and essence of the plant.

Willie’s botanical paintings are digitally reproduced and manufactured into a collection of bespoke interior products that include 100% cotton fabrics, scatter cushions, tablecloths, wallpapers, and art prints. The design process is carried out by the artist himself and each piece is locally manufactured, which ensures that the integrity of the original paintings remains the focus of the final product.

The Schlechter collection is unique to other floral ranges in the depiction of the subject matter. All the images used in the designs adhere to the scientific precision and anatomical correctness of the plants and illustrated against a white background. This classifies the work as botanical, as opposed to more general floral painting. The selection of images primarily depict indigenous plants and pollinators that reflect the country’s famed landscape and in turn creates an undeniably South African design.

Products and artworks are available exclusively from the artist. 

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